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David Andre

Paperless Exhibits Solutions

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I'm not a huge fan of the whole 'paperless exhibits' thing, and have tested Lexity (edepoze), Live Litigation, AgileLaw.  My current preference of those three is LiveLitigation for ease of use and ease of setup.  The Lexity platform is polished, but seems to require training courses and back-end setup for the law firms, which they never complete.

I've found that attorneys see a flashy presentation and have really high hopes that get dashed upon my doorstep when I actually show them how it works.  It's just not that easy to really mirror the paper process on a screen. The biggest downfall is when they want to flip back and forth between pages, or compare two different documents.  I much prefer being a tech at the depo, and bringing a couple monitors, and marking exhibits myself.  If there's a remote participant, I'd rather share my desktop through Zoom or whatever and do the exact same thing.  

I'd really like a solution that doesn't involve me or one of my techs to be there in person, but isn't so complicated that it scares everyone away.  Anyone have experience with this?

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