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Chris Brooks

DepoView for iPad

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For weeks I've been trying to export different projects to DepoView for iPad but can't seem to get it an output.  I've contacted inData support but with time zone differences and depositions we haven't connected to figure it out.  

I am familiar with Timecoder Pro 6 so I know to watch the msgs etc. and to go to the output folder etc.  

Each time I go to File/export to depoview for ipad, it acts as if it performs the operation, even to the extent that it says it's encoding the .dvi.   I check the output folder after the success window but it's not there.  I've tried to export to the desktop (c drive), to a local internal drive, to a network area, to the same originating folder, to a different folder.  Nada! 

I tried different computers. (Windows 7 pro and windows 7 home). Nada.

I've turned avast off temporarily. Nada.

My media file is mpeg1, 720x480.

Thanks for any suggestions.  



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I don't think this is the problem, but iPads work better with MPEG4 video. inData has specs on how to produce MPEG4 for it's products. I'd add a spec to make the GOP match the frame rate as well.

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Thanks Bruce,

It's a good thing you mentioned something about the mpeg4 specs because it caused me to visit inData's site where I found better instructions on the export.  The instructions in the Timecoder application does not tell you to 1) export the synchronized deposition; then 2) Browse to the root folder of the previously exported volume so that it can put the .dvi into the folder with the rest of the windows files.  

I could not get the export to work when there was more than one video file.  I had to choose a project that had a single file.  

I am curious about how it would handle multiple volumes but not enough to spend anymore time on this project.  Thankfully, this was something I was doing for me instead of a client, otherwise they'd probably be ticked it took me more than a month to figure it out.

I'm checking this box done and moving on to other items.


(I had actually forgotten I posted this on the LitPro forum.  I will be updating the Yahoo LVF as well.)


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