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John Gore

online delivery and archive

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I need to begin using an online FTP or fileshare system for delivering and archiving video to clients.  I have been using dropbox in the interim, however i know there are options better suited.  what do you use?  cost?  

i would ideally like something that is user friendly to the client, and allows the client to acknowledge receipt.


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Hi John,

I've used Hightail quite a bit. It's easy to use and has a professional look, but you will pay for it. It's also easy to password-protect the files to give you complete control who's able to access them. An email is sent out by you with an invitation to enter the password you chose, with a simple link to start the download process.

I used to SFTP the video files to server space that I rented, and then would send a link to "right-click" (or Apple-click on a Mac) to download the video files. Sounds easy, right? Although it was cheap on my end, I spent more time explaining the download process than I intended. You're dealing with many "non-techy" people on the other end. It has to be easy to save you time otherwise what's the point of sending files electronically?

Carry on....



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Hello Everyone.

I'm curious...  Since the original post was in 2016, have there been any other vendors or options come to the market that would be a good alternative to HighTail?  

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