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Jason Wietholter

Traveling Light with your trial tools

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I am constantly looking at ways to tweak and become more efficient. As a result, I've removed items. Sometimes with mixed results. For example:


  • I no longer carry sandbags to weight down the backdrop stand. I now use good gaffer's tape and secure the stand to the floor. 
  • Why even use a backdrop stand? Instead of just leaning it against the wall, I prefer to hang is horizontally giving me more of a working area before the deponents moves out past the boundaries of the backdrop. 
  • I changed out my large uninterruptible power supply for a smaller unit. I use this to power my h.264 recording device and mixer. In the case of a power failure or dip, I don't want to lose recorded testimony.

That's all I can think of right now. 


Regards to all, 


Avery in Houston. 



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