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Chuck Habrack

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I went to walmart and got a $12 auto clock. I plug it in and the time is automatically set. I sync the camera time to that.  The screen is too small for me to see quickly. I had a depo where the attorney asked to go off and on the record several times and many time for less than 1 minute. I think he thought he paid for video by the recorded time. It was difficult to see the time stamp quickly and be correct.   Anyway that was my turning point. I dont wear a watch and keep my cell phone further than arms length. It works pretty good for me. 

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Umm, the proper solution for this issue is an external confidence monitor plugged into your camera's video stream that's large enough for you to see the detail in your display.

There are numerous monitors that have loop through capability and will enhance your view of the details.

I wear trifocals when I do legal video work. I'm sympathetic to your plight, but your solution is not where I would suggest one goes when trying to solve this specific problem.

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