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I know this argument is old but to me it brings up something that we all need to be aware of.  The clarity of our sound. Now I know that was a overdubbed recording of both words. This still makes the point of what we hear. With a poor recording our sound may not be clear in court and that makes for a rough time for the jury. I bring this up because my wife has been a court reporter for 28 years. The last few she has seen the video requests grow. Her comment to me was they (legal proceedings) need quality people to record the depos. She played a few seconds of the last videographers sound and it was like he used a 1970's tape deck set in the middle of the room.  He got hired because he as less expensive. I dont need to agree with training like we have with the Guild. So my point is if you are recording make sure that your end product is clear. I do understand that we cant have a re-shoot to get the perfect video. So we have to be very diligent on what we are doing when we are doing it. I am also a huge proponent of getting the improper videographers out of the field. It brings down the industry as a whole.  I understand this may be speaking to the choir and a little ranty. So I am not trying to make a debate, just saying if we (certified) videographers produce top quality every time, the fly by night guys have a much lower chance of setting a low bar, quality and price. 


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