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Jason Wietholter

Date/Time Stamp Placement Database

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Can I get your help with a little project?

I would like to gather screen grabs from the various cameras usable for deposition video so that I can build a database of images showing the location of date/time stamps on the recorded image. The AGCV and LitPro Forum will host these on their sites so that everyone can access them.

If each person can grab their camera, we should be able to knock out a large chunk of the list. It should only take a couple of minutes of your time.

Attached to this post are two PDFs.

  • Background for recording.
  • Instructions on how to capture and process the images.

These are the cameras that we would like to grab images from:

  • JVC
    • GY-HM170
    • GY-HM200
    • GY-HM250
    • GY-LS300
    • GY-HM620
    • GY-HM660
    • GY-HM850
    • GY-HM890
  • Panasonic
    • AG-DVX200
    • AG-UX90
    • AG-UX180
    • AJ-PX230
    • HC-X1000
  • Sony
    • HXR-NX100
    • HXR-NX5R
    • PXW-FS5
    • PXW-X70
    • PXW-Z90V
    • PXW-Z150





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