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  1. Panasonic AG-AC160 CUT RATE SALE

    I will buy the camera at the price you indicated, which includes shipping. ($1900) I am in St. Louis, btw. My only question is: it is my understanding that the 160 "a" is for north america. without the "a" in the model number, does that mean it is for a PAL system or will not, in some way, work with a north american legal videographer system? thx
  2. Stream video over internet

    I do not use vmix. In fact I have never streamed depo video before so do not have relevant software/hardware. I am looking to adapt for that capability. Thx Sent from my iPhone using the LitPro Forum App!
  3. Stream video over internet

    I need to stream the audio/video to third party over internet. What do I need to do that? My camera is a panasonic ac160. Thx Sent from my iPhone using the LitPro Forum App!
  4. hello all - I have stumped indata tech with this. i just bought a brand new Dell laptop. specs: windows 10 intel core i7-6700hq cpu @2.60 ghz installed memory - 8g 64 bit os, x64 processor the only software i have loaded on is MS office. I have uninstalled the test symantic firewall/virus software and disabled (for now) windows defender. i also uninstalled a trial version of adobe professional. issue: after purchasing, downloading and installing TD6, it will not launch. the TD banner appears, as if it were launching, but then it disappears and the program does not open. it will, however, open in safe mode. I have attempted to launch this connected to my office wifi, not connected to internet at all, and connected to a different wifi signal. nothing works TD support, after attempting various fixes, is of the opinion that there is something blocking the launch of the program, but cannot figure out what. has anyone encountered this problem?
  5. tmpg vmw 6 encoding time

    I will do that. Sorry for late response but am out of town on trial. Thx. Bruce Sent from my iPhone using the LitPro Forum App!
  6. recommended bitrates in TMPG

    bruce - mpg-1 in the range 4800-5000 kbps results in pretty big files, isnt that right? too big for disks..... is that your experience and do you deliver online?
  7. I need to begin using an online FTP or fileshare system for delivering and archiving video to clients. I have been using dropbox in the interim, however i know there are options better suited. what do you use? cost? i would ideally like something that is user friendly to the client, and allows the client to acknowledge receipt. thx!
  8. tmpg vmw 6 encoding time

    some clairification, plz. the project i have, for example, is a video depo consisting of 9 HD .mts files. when using batch mode, do i simply run all the files in the same "project", but in batch mode, or do I divide the files into smaller groups and run them in batch mode as separate processes? I tried the former and encoding time seemed only slightly improved, if at all. I then divided the files into two groups and ran them both simultaneously in batch mode, which improved time by about 30% or so. however i will need to put those two groups together ultimately - which may require another process. this sounds redundant and inefficient. please clarify and thanks
  9. recommended bitrates in TMPG

    thx bruce
  10. recommended bitrates in TMPG

    What bitrates do u recommend for each? Reg wit only and pip? Thx in advance. Sent from my iPhone using the LitPro Forum App!
  11. tmpg vmw 6 encoding time

    Thx Bruce. U exhibit a high degree of awesomeness. I will try that. Sent from my iPhone using the LitPro Forum App!
  12. recommended bitrates in TMPG

    Sorry! I usually encode to mpg-1 Sent from my iPhone using the LitPro Forum App!
  13. tmpg vmw 6 encoding time

    i am not using batch. only doing one project at a time
  14. tmpg vmw 6 encoding time

    bruce - i posted to diff topic thread for advice on bitrate! here are computer specs: windows 10, intel core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40 GHz installed memory (ram) 8 GB 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor intel hd graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M
  15. recommended bitrates in TMPG

    Greetings all: I use TMPG VMW 6. I shoot with a Panasonic 160a in 720. For regular witness-only deliverable, what bitrate do you recommend I use? (also would appreciate any other settings you recommend) Also, for picture in picture where a higher resolution is needed, what bitrate would you recommend for that? (also would appreciate any other settings you recommend) Thx