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    I joined the AGCV precisely for this reason. . .to have a community of mentors at my disposal while learning and preparing to run my upstart company for legal videography. I have been involved in video and audio in a number of settings over the years, but all of that did not necessarily prepare me for legal videography. I could really use some input from the legal video veterans on a couple of things. First, a little about where I am at right now. I have invested in my equipment and it is complete. I am using a Panasonic AG-AC30 camcorder, I use the Shure ECM-44b lav mics, with the AT 831b units as back-ups. I use a Shure FP-410 mixer and use the Atomos Ninja Flame as a backup for video. As another audio backup, I capture on the Zoom HN4. I use a very nice rack mounted battery backup for all the gear, so all the equipment is mounted in a rolling rack case that stands about 18 inches and has a handle and wheels for mobility. I have gone through the online video training modules on the NCRA Website but have not done my written or practical exams. I did, however, obtain some very good information from their training. I will, however, be going through the AGCV certification because I do desire to have that credential and the training. I have only shadowed in one depo with a local litigation company who was generous enough to allow me in. I have another shadow tomorrow with another litigation firm as well. Both of these firms have been generous to offer me the ability to do depos with observation as well. One question is more of a real-world question of you experienced people. What is the best setting on my camera as the source video quality do you suggest as being an across the board functional deliverable format? Of course, the litigation services I am working with have in-house production crews to handle the final deliverable, but as a freelancer who will be working in many small communities and smaller sized towns, what would be my best choice of final resolution quality from your experience. I will give the court reporter either an SD card of the audio or an audio feed from my Zoom recorder if she prefers, but if I have to edit for any reason in post and dispatch the final deliverable, what format will ensure the most seamless success for the attornies? Any comments or feedback would be awesome! Even comments or observations you might offer to me on topics I may not have addressed here. Thanks! -Craig