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  1. Chuck Habrack

    Helps me

    I went to walmart and got a $12 auto clock. I plug it in and the time is automatically set. I sync the camera time to that. The screen is too small for me to see quickly. I had a depo where the attorney asked to go off and on the record several times and many time for less than 1 minute. I think he thought he paid for video by the recorded time. It was difficult to see the time stamp quickly and be correct. Anyway that was my turning point. I dont wear a watch and keep my cell phone further than arms length. It works pretty good for me.
  2. Chuck Habrack

    What the witness wears

    I have noticed that several of my witness wear black and white vertical stripes. This has to be one of the worse things to film. The product comes out good but there are some parts where the stripes look to be fuzzy looking but everything is in focus. Though we have no control over what the witness wears, I almost wish I could bring a shirt like they did for school pictures if your shirt blended with the background. The one new attorney who asked me about the business I mentioned that to him. He made a note and said it should be part the directions we give them about the depo. Wear a single color shirt was his comment. Makes sense he said, His witness was wearing a polo.
  3. Chuck Habrack

    Hidden video

    I was asked to day if I could video from behind a one way mirror so the guy doesn't know he is being taped. I said it was a two part answer. Yes that can be done. Then I added that the legal side is what I question. I said I am sure you can do that secretly with no real legal issues. Where as I do that and some legal questions may come up. Like how bound by law am I being a CVDS. Where if I was just some guy with a camera it may not be as complicated. I do hold the CVDS to a higher standard. I passed on it.
  4. Chuck Habrack

    Newby Legal Videograper

    I am also new to the world of legal videography. Now I have been married to a court reporter for 27 years. I do have some exposure to the field. Something my wife has said to me about the instant hand over of an SD card for sound is cost of them. If they (court reporter)provides that one thing, many do not carry a spare. The other was she had a instant hand over from a newer videographer and the sound was choppy. It was not his recording but the backup he took it from. Claims his cable was bad. It then took a few days to get a clean copy because the video was sync'd. So that could be an issue. I tell them an upload in MP3 will be ready within 24hrs or sooner if needed. Then I get an email to send it to. I also let them know that I will remove that from the drop box or google drive within 5 days. Unless its an overnite most are OK and seems that many do not even want a copy. Several that I sat in on the reporter didnt want a copy being they have many forms of sound recording themselves. Also with small towns they seem to be more willing to use more modern equipment. The local courthouse has flat screen smart TVs. Where as the big city courthouse still has a DVD cart with a VHS player still on it. One of them is tube type TV and they roll it into the court room. Most of the time the ordering person will tell you how they want it. I have a firm that wants the raw and then does final editing. They do that even with my friend who has over years years doing this. The only real advice I can give is to be ready to go at any time, and when your done with a recording make sure you put your stuff back ready for the next one. You never know when you may get a call to cover right after you finish. My first job was a call to my wife to cover a depo that started at 10 am, it was 9:55. The job was not covered by another firm. The scheduler also said she was looking for a videographer. My wife asked do want me and my husband? It was a Yes. So now I have to get my suit on load my gear and then drive an hour to my first alone job. We were on the record by 11:30. So I had very little time to set up and do my testing. I didnt have to make my wife a MP3 but for practice I did. I would practice setting up your equipment and tearing it down. Another tip is walk out of the room and have someone change something like unplug a mic, or move a gain control, or unplug something. You may use your camera for a wedding with a shotgun mic and need phantom power, while your depo setup requires it. You can see where that can go. Not damaging but sometimes things get touched by accident while on a brake. Expect this more in a tight room. Doing this will help you trouble shoot if something goes wrong. Laywers do not want to sit around while you go through a check list. Be alert and professional, do not offer more than you can do. Right now I have a 3rd party doing my sync if needed. I tell my friends I have to be professional and invisible at the same time.
  5. Chuck Habrack

    Dress Code

    Suits, jackets and ties, because most of the videographers here in North Carolina wear them. Most of the work is in Charlotte or other larger cities. I also would rather be over dressed then under. My feelings are that I am producing a professional product. I am part of that product. My appearance my equipment and my attitude. In short I know that professional is not just the end product.
  6. I know this argument is old but to me it brings up something that we all need to be aware of. The clarity of our sound. Now I know that was a overdubbed recording of both words. This still makes the point of what we hear. With a poor recording our sound may not be clear in court and that makes for a rough time for the jury. I bring this up because my wife has been a court reporter for 28 years. The last few she has seen the video requests grow. Her comment to me was they (legal proceedings) need quality people to record the depos. She played a few seconds of the last videographers sound and it was like he used a 1970's tape deck set in the middle of the room. He got hired because he as less expensive. I dont need to agree with training like we have with the Guild. So my point is if you are recording make sure that your end product is clear. I do understand that we cant have a re-shoot to get the perfect video. So we have to be very diligent on what we are doing when we are doing it. I am also a huge proponent of getting the improper videographers out of the field. It brings down the industry as a whole. I understand this may be speaking to the choir and a little ranty. So I am not trying to make a debate, just saying if we (certified) videographers produce top quality every time, the fly by night guys have a much lower chance of setting a low bar, quality and price. Chuck
  7. Chuck Habrack

    Sorenson Squeeze off market

    I was going to watch a training video and it took some time to load. The next thing I see is Squeeze will no longer be sold or supported. Got my attention because its what I use. The pages says as of September 1 2018. I Just bought my version about 2 months ago. They were good on support. I asked a question and no responce not even an auto reply something I have had in the past. I assume my desktop version will still be usable. If not then I will change to something else. Chuck A new AGCV member