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  1. ted hood

    recovering vob files from bad disc,, HELP!!

    Bruce thank you so much for your call, I gave the office your suggestion and it worked or they would have called me back by now , thanks a lot , less than 24 hours! no one will know .... it never even happened ,,, But it almost did lol I knew if i could find you or Terry off the old forum my chances would be good , i could not remember Terry Thorntones last name ( it just hit me } tell him hi if hes around cheers Ted I'm thinking of going to Austin tx for 6 months or a year . any knowledge about work availability? ill be staying on north end of town west of Lamar street
  2. I have a dvd from a depo recorded and finalized in a sony MC10 dvd recorder it will only let me open one of the 3 vob files on the disc it will not open or play on any of the several players and computers ive tried it in ,,, my backup avchd card was copied over so im in deep in all these years this is my first time here to this situation , can any one suggest a recovery software that works ?? Does any one here know of a service that can recover this disc? Does anyone on the forum have the ability to do this ? i will monitor here for answers but you can also text or call me , if i get offline solutions that are relevant i will post here for future benefit of others thanks in advance even if its hopeless Ted Hood Digital Video Depos 9470 Jupiter Dr St Cloud FLORIDA 34773 CELL 407 433 3238 24 HOURS