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    What are your HD Deliverable Encoding Bit Rates?

    I think the big issue is what the clients can actually play on their computers. MPEG-1 is by far the go to deliverable. It plays on any computer. I've been experimenting on delivering MPEG-1's at 720x480 @ 2mbps audio @ 2kbps. The video looks great at full screen. The issue we have been having with that is the auto-synching with TimecoderPro sometimes is off. I asked TCP about that and they said it would work if you were doing it at 4mpbs, I tried it, it didn't work either. MPEG-4 as a deliverable is the way to go in my opinion. However, most people don't know that MP4's only play in WMP 12. The very first time I delivered in MP4 I got a call from the attorney saying he couldn't play it on his older computer. I had just found out about MP4s not being able to play in older WMP's and told him about that and fortunately he asked if VLC player would work, which it does. From that point I decided to go back to MPEG1 deliverables and not have to worry about the frantic call from an atty in trial pissed off because he couldn't play the video. The old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it really apply's here.