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  1. Canopus Digital <>Analog converter. Model ADVC-100. Used lightly, like new (I retired before I had the chance to use this very much.) I used this for video conversion between different formats. New is $399. Asking $200. •DV converter designed for NLE. Convert your S-VHS, Hi8 and 8mm analog tapes to DV in one simple step. The converted DV streams are transferred to your PC or Mac via IEEE1394 (i.Link, FireWire) and edited using your favorite photo/video application. •Other converters can lose audio/video sync when converting longer segments of video. The ADVC-100 is the first affordable DV converter that supports locked audio when converting from analog to digital, assuring perfect audio and video synchronization •The ADVC-100 features Canopus' award-winning DV codec technology, found in AVID's Xpress DV software and the full line of Canopus DV capture cards. •Digital Video in/out: 6pin S200 (200Mbps), 4pin S200 (200Mbps)Analog Video in/out: NTSC (525/60), PAL (625/50) S-video, compositeAudio in/out: stereo unbalanced line levelSampling Frequency: 48kHz/16bit/2ch, 32kHz/12bit/4ch * Input line auto select* 720x480 analog output* YUV output* NTSC/PAL support* front, back analog in* 2 DV jacks* Color Bar output* 48kHz/16bit audio* 32kHz/12bit audio If interested, please call Micki at 830-895-5711 or email micki@adhocgroup.net