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  1. Ervin Farkas

    Selective HDMI Splitter for jury blackout

    To your initial question: take a look at this device: https://www.tvcables.co.uk/4x2-hdmi-matrix-switch.html Plug your TrialDirector output into input 1. Output A to judge, output B to jury. Set both outputs to input 1 when projecting to both, leave A on input 1 but switch output B to input 4, and your jury monitor will go blank. This may also solve your second issue, projecting from a live witness' laptop: send live witness' laptop output to input 2 of the switch. There are many HDMI switches with selectable input but not many with selectable output.
  2. Ervin Farkas

    Extract Time & Date - This is a rush request

    Edius can do it.
  3. Ervin Farkas

    Panasonic AG-UX90 4K Date and Time Screen Shot

    Having date/time stamp on the screen is only half the deal. I have an older JVC that does that but there's no way to export/burn d/t code. Please confirm by going into the menus.
  4. It used to be relatively easy and inexpensive to prop up your video processing performance by buying a good CUDA video card; now, for Quick Sync you have to replace your MOBO and processor to have faster MPEG4 handling. And if you replace the MOBO/CPU combo, you might as well build or buy a new PC all together, no point in patching old stuff. My point is, MPEG4 handling capability is important regardless of whether your computer reads from or writes to MPEG4. With a Quick Sync enabled MOBO/CPU you should NOT see significant difference between encoding from MPEG4 and encoding from AVI.
  5. Ervin Farkas

    Garbage Audio File

    Unfortunately there's only so much software can do to clean up audio (and video too). There's a myth perpetuated by movies that garbled audio and grainy video can be somehow magically "enhanced". Yeah right! They take the original video, degrade it, then play it as the original. They "run" it through the magical software and voila! All nice and clean! In my experience audio is much harder to enhance than video. With video you can first of all significantly reduce noise - there's a very good software called NeatVideo (plugins for all major editing programs are available), lighten/darken, modify contrast, etc. With audio you can filter out certain frequencies like low frequency rumble. You can emphasize other frequencies, like the 1-3 KHz area to increase the intelligibility of human voice, and you can filter out repetitive patterns. But if something is not there in the first place, no software will make it magically appear. You would think that in 2016 phone audio quality is perfect. My experience is that the newer my cell phone, the worse audio quality gets. I would love to have my old Nokia back from 15 years ago...
  6. Bruce, Until just recently, I had an idea about how mpeg4 encoding and decoding gets done on a computer. Yes, I had an idea... but never took the time to get into the details. Then I purchased a laptop - not really for encoding, I just needed a second laptop for those days when the client wants a live video feed. It blew me away! I can load two hours of 1280x720 progressive mpeg4 video onto the timeline, clean up the ends, color correct if needed, compress the audio to increase intelligibility - and then export it back to 1280x720 progressive mpeg4 in less than 20 minutes. And it's not really a powerhouse laptop, in fact it's fairly modest, an i5 processor, dual core with hyperthreading (four logical cores) at 2.6GHz, 8GB of RAM. But it's optimized for mpeg4 video! I will have to look into building a new desktop workstation, my current one is six years old and depending on what I do, it may be much slower than this flimsy little laptop. The key is to have your hardware and software really working together - the other half of my story is that I upgraded to the latest version of my editing software, which is optimized for the new architecture. I still have to wrap my head around how it's all done. Until recently it was all about processor and RAM, graphics cards to a certain degree. The game has changed and it's now processor and on-board video acceleration. It can get overwhelmingly complex. Some GPUs are optimized for vector graphics, others for raster graphics. Your computer may use the CPU for rendering, but the GPU for certain effects (although we don't do much of that in legal video). Does RAM matter anymore? How about the graphics card? I will have to do some serious research in order to fully understand the theory in order to be able to build a really efficient machine.
  7. I purchased a Shuttle a year or so ago, wrestled with its own capture software for three weeks without success. I sent it back, purchased the Magewell and went on with my life. It just works.
  8. Ervin Farkas

    Deposition Horror Stories (And How You Saved the Day)

    [Maybe this should be moved to the right category]? I don't read run times from any device. I have a log - I write down the "on" time and the "off" time. I calculate each segment's time in hours and minutes. I add up these segments - that's my "OTR" or "TRT" - to me both are the same.
  9. Ervin Farkas

    LitPro Forum Android App Now Available!

    Jason, What would be different using the dedicated app versus TapaTalk? Thanks,
  10. Ervin Farkas

    LitPro Forum iOS App Now Available

    Thank you for posting this, Bruce! I had no idea it works with Tapatalk (which I already had on my Android)... no one has mentioned it.
  11. Ervin Farkas


    Dan, contact me offline.
  12. Ervin Farkas

    How to get the PiP work?

    Of course! You have invested in learning and equipment, and you work more than with a standard depo.
  13. Ervin Farkas

    Date Time Code Generator

    Whoever pays the invoice, pushes the buttons! If my client wants time code, time code it is; if my client wants no time code, I turn it off. One firm I work for includes this info in the confirmation email - "attorney x wants/doesn't want time code." Same with read-on, most want me to do it, a few want me to only say "on video" and do the intro themselves.
  14. Ervin Farkas

    Cancellation Policies on the Day of the Deposition

    Whatever I can work out with each client. $100-150 if depo canceled before I left the house. Appearance fee if I'm already on location. But as Jeff said, I may make allowances depending on the client.
  15. Ervin Farkas

    LitPro Forum iOS App Now Available

    How long are we, poor, under-valued, non iPeople need to wait for the Tapatalk Android version? You're catering to the 17% iPhone users and left out 80% Android owners. Not fair.