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  1. Dan (JoJo) Gunn

    Sony cameras for sale

    I have a Sony PD150 and a PD170 for sale or trade. Both have all the original accessories and the PD170 has a Century WA converter. Included are good Sony OEM batteries and lots of single pass Sony DVCAM tapes (no cheapies), take your pick from several styles of Porterbrace bags. I also have a Sony DSR20 recorder/player. I connected it by Firewire to the cameras to get the benefit of three hour DVCAM tapes. I also have lots of the three hour tapes. I am open to offers and trades. If there is anything you need, check with me! I gotta thin out the herd to make room for more toys Dan (JoJo) Gunn.....770-978-FOTO(3686).....info@GunnsPhotoVideo.com
  2. Jason,

    Is there anything I can do to help get this forum off the ground?

  3. Dan (JoJo) Gunn


    Avery, thanks for ALL the info!!! I learned soooo much practical stuff.....a real eyebrow raiser.
  4. Dan (JoJo) Gunn

    It Isn't Always What You Think

    Been there.....done that.
  5. Dan (JoJo) Gunn

    It Isn't Always What You Think

  6. Dan (JoJo) Gunn


    I am still looking to sit in on some video depositions. I realize there is no substitute for actual field experience despite some claims to the contrary. I can travel within 100 miles of Atlanta. Since 1973, I have been a professional photographer and teacher and perhaps I can help you in that area!
  7. Dan (JoJo) Gunn


    I have been working with video since 1988 and I have filmed several depos in that time. It is a miracle that an attorney has not sued me for fraud! Until I started reading this forum I had NO idea what the heck I was doing. This forum has been a real eye opener. I am trying to get out of the usual video business and develop legal video services mainly because I am getting too darned old to be on my feet for 6 plus hours. I need to accompany some of you guys on video depositions. I know how to present a professional image and how not to intrude. I hope to become a skilled professional with professional pricing and not a cheap hacker that hurts the industry. At this stage I can carry equipment, run cables, go for coffee, say encouraging things, etc. If anyone is willing, my contact info is below: Dan (JoJo) Gunn.....info@AtlantaVisual.com.....770-978-3686.....Lilburn, GA
  8. Dan (JoJo) Gunn

    Stand or Sit?

    Ditto! 1300 weddings and special events.....full time since 1988. Too old to do it anymore!
  9. Dan (JoJo) Gunn

    Stand or Sit?

    For general video shoots, I have a small strong machine shop stool. I shortened the legs so I can straddle it like a saddle. I also had an upholstery shop add very thick padding and cover it in black vinyl. Getting on and off is very quick. If I had these made with light weight aluminum, I believe I could sell them!
  10. Dan (JoJo) Gunn

    How long can you shoot?

    I second that suggestion. I switched to that particular Sandisk card for photography and video after some serious events. Never had another problem. Be careful where you buy your cards and batteries there are LOTS of counterfeit cards and batteries on the market. B&H is the only place I buy supplies.