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  1. Dan Eley

    Who owns the copyright?

    It does bring up some intriguing scenarios for those who are concerned with such things. Would a public performance royalty be required for courtroom playback? How about a spoken word performance fee for a deposition transcript that is read-back in court? Personally, I've never lost a moment of sleep over protecting my work -- even in my corporate days. When a client paid me $30k for a 6 min. product introduction, I wanted it distributed far and wide. I wanted the client to make millions from the video. And because I wasn't a PIA over copyrights, that same client came back to me for a $100k new product roll-out. I'm sure that I may have left several hundred cents on the table over the years with this attitude, but I managed to develop a fiercely loyal client base.
  2. Dan Eley

    Who owns the copyright?

    I think this definitively answers the question. http://www.saffordbaker.com/2009/09/court-reports-dont-own-the-copyright-in-their-transcripts/