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  1. Bruce Balmer

    Date/Time Stamp Placement Database

    Jason, I have multiple images but cannot open the files due to a total size limit for importing.
  2. Bruce Balmer

    Date/Time Stamp Placement Database

    Panasonic AG-UX90 1920x1080i 1920x1080i AG-UX90.bmp
  3. Bruce Balmer

    Panasonic ac/ag 160 Time Stamp Placement

    Dave: The answer is maybe, depending on what you are seeing. When the datestamp is not being burned on the video, the stamp is quite high, almost in the middle of the vertical screen. However, when you turn on the burning in of the stamp, it moves down vertically to the bottom of the screen. There is no ability to move the stamp left or right. There is also no ability to move the stamps from the two described locations. Bruce Balmer
  4. Bruce Balmer

    recovering vob files from bad disc,, HELP!!

    I'm not sure Terry is on this Forum, Ted. He's also very inactive on the old Forum. I'm not in Austin. Can't help you on work availability. Bruce
  5. Bruce Balmer

    recovering vob files from bad disc,, HELP!!

    Left a message on your cell. Download Isobuster at the provided link. Costs no more than $60, based on which version you purchase.
  6. Bruce Balmer

    What are your HD Deliverable Encoding Bit Rates?

    Craig, the likelihood is the size of the video display aspect ratio is not creating your "syncing" issue. I sync 720x480 MPEG-1 all the time without any problems. I often use YesLaw instead of Timecoder, however, which may be the difference maker as to why I don't see issues with this specific size and codec. Jan Ozer talks about the old Power of 0.75 formula in the linked article. It will give you a good starting point on calculating an appropriate bitrate for your larger MPEG-1 video, based on what you think is good at the smaller 352x240 DAR (display aspect ratio). You can make HD MPEG-1 video. It falls well within the spec. MPEG-1 does not support interlaced video, and it's not as efficient (small versus quality) when compared to a properly encoded for legal video MPEG-4.
  7. Bruce Balmer

    Stream video over internet

    John, you need two things: 1) a way to connect the camera to a computer 2) an application to connect the video to the internet. There are small hardware devices that take the SDI or HDMI stream from your camera and convert it to look like a webcam to a computer. These products include the Magewell USB to HDMI or SDI capture, a AJA U-Tap, or an Osprey Video VB-UH-HD HDMI or SDI device. I'd suggest looking at SDI devices for your camera. Each of these (and there are others) do the heavy lifting on converting the video feed to something a computer can understand. You would be will served to have a USB 3.0/3.1 port on your computer. The second thing you need is a computer application that lets you enter an IP address into a setup screen to source your video stream to that IP address. vMix or Adobe Flash Media Encoder can both do this. vMix is harder to setup. It's more stable. The Adobe FME is easier to setup. It's less stable. Why not try both and figure out which one works for you? T
  8. Bruce Balmer

    DepoView for iPad

    I don't think this is the problem, but iPads work better with MPEG4 video. inData has specs on how to produce MPEG4 for it's products. I'd add a spec to make the GOP match the frame rate as well. Sent from my Pixel using the LitPro Forum App!
  9. Bruce Balmer

    DepoView for iPad

    Try an MPEG4 format. Sent from my Pixel using the LitPro Forum App!
  10. >>My goal is to deliver to the client a final product that is going to serve their purposes the best.<< How about this? Why not get appropriate specs for all the formats you've mentioned, and then offer the client the final product that will serve them best, rather than only one specific format? You've failed to mention the DVD-Video option, which YesLaw also offers. They're all used for various reasons by various clients. There is no one right answer. For MPEG-1, 352x240, 1150-1200 kbps is fine. For MPEG-1, 720x480, I would recommend 2800 - 3400 kbps, although there are people here that will tell you 1500 kbps is fine. I don't care for how it looks, and the math involved indicates the higher bitrate range I'm recommending here is more appropriate (google "Power of 0.75 video Ben Waggoner" to read why) For MPEG-2, 720x480, I would recommend 4000-4400 kbps for DVD-Video like performance and visual quality. I've gone down to 3400 kbps to fit video on a disc, but have really abandoned that practice since I started adding USB Flash drives for multi-video depositions. For MPEG-4, 720x480, I would recommend 1500-2000 kbps. Use 1500 kbps (and a square pixel 640x480 video) for iPad viewing. 720x480 uses an anamorphic pixel.
  11. Bruce Balmer

    Backdrop Bag

    Depends on what kind of backdrop. Sent from my Pixel using the LitPro Forum App!
  12. Bruce Balmer

    IPad disconnects from Airplay

    Thanks, Sheldon. Sent from my Pixel using the LitPro Forum App!
  13. Bruce Balmer

    Recommendations on Camera Stabilizers

    Thanks for the reply. Panasonic AG-AC160 - about 5.5 pounds before a monitor is stuck on the system. Not in interested in DIY. I'd rather spend the time learning how to leverage the system. The purchase cost is an expense that's tax deductible. I have a shoulder mount rig that isn't giving me the results I want. This is what I've come up with so far: Glidecam HD 4000 Stabilizer System There's some used items on BH Photo that appear to be a combination of an older SD stabilizer system that might be useful with the Glidecam HD 4000 without the body stabilizer. I guess this is why I go to NAB!
  14. Bruce Balmer

    IPad disconnects from Airplay

    According to some websites, setting Auto Lock to Never turns off the sleep function. Turning off the sleep function keeps Airplay connected. Any thoughts? Sent from my Pixel using the LitPro Forum App!
  15. I have a client who likes to use an iPad wirelessly with PinP. The iPad disconnects from AirPlay when the iPad is set down for a period of 5 minutes or so. Will plugging in the iPad to a power source keep this from happening? Does running the iPad directly into the switcher with the appropriate HDMI/smart cable keep the iPad from going to sleep? Does this change if the client is using TrialPad as the presenter? Thank you for any insights on the matter. Sent from my iPad using the LitPro Forum App!