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  1. Jeremy Thank you for the reply. Have you encountered any issue with time (not time stamp/timecode) with this audio feed if CR time on their steno machine and my audio feed time are different? I capture an alternate media backup for audio and video as standard practice. My backup recorder offers onsite WAV file to the CR so I don't get that panic phone call.
  2. Hello forum. I am new to the LitPro community and want to solicit feedback regarding an audio feed to the court reporter (CR). I routinely offer a .WAV file at depo end to the CR. I use a Shure M367 mixer that has 2 output feeds. I use the Line Out feed for audio to my video camera. The 2nd output is Line/Mic switchable that I use in Line mode as input to my backup digital audio recorder (Zoom H4N). I can split this 2nd mixer audio output and offer a "live" audio feed (using a line to mic attenuator) to the CR as input to their CR software. Do any of you have experience doing this or any advise For/Against offering this option? Your feedback is appreciated.