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  1. I'm not a huge fan of the whole 'paperless exhibits' thing, and have tested Lexity (edepoze), Live Litigation, AgileLaw. My current preference of those three is LiveLitigation for ease of use and ease of setup. The Lexity platform is polished, but seems to require training courses and back-end setup for the law firms, which they never complete. I've found that attorneys see a flashy presentation and have really high hopes that get dashed upon my doorstep when I actually show them how it works. It's just not that easy to really mirror the paper process on a screen. The biggest downfall is when they want to flip back and forth between pages, or compare two different documents. I much prefer being a tech at the depo, and bringing a couple monitors, and marking exhibits myself. If there's a remote participant, I'd rather share my desktop through Zoom or whatever and do the exact same thing. I'd really like a solution that doesn't involve me or one of my techs to be there in person, but isn't so complicated that it scares everyone away. Anyone have experience with this?
  2. David Andre

    Selective HDMI Splitter for jury blackout

    I had planned to strongly suggest a little "witness prep" with TrialPad. That is however, a very interesting use of Lexity. I think I'm going to find a place to post on paperless exhibits platforms next! If I had a bigger budget, is there a solution with a touchscreen monitor or something similar? Nothing that I can think of is particularly easy, especially if they want to mark the exhibit once the annotations have been made. Thanks again.
  3. David Andre

    Deposition Horror Stories (And How You Saved the Day)

    Here's a fun story. I had a video deposition where similar to @Jeremy Martin's story, we streamed the feed into another room. I believe an expert was watching, but upon arrival, counsel asked us to not tell the other side we were streaming video/audio. The reporter and I told him that as neutral parties we couldn't and wouldn't lie to the other side. He asked us to just not say anything until they noticed, which we unhappily agreed to. I knew they'd notice eventually as my external webcam was sitting directly in front of the witness with blue lights on it. On a break, with the taking attorney out of the room, o/c asked "what's this webcam thing?" I told him we were streaming the depo to another participant out side the room. He of course asked why he hadn't been informed of it, so we sort of responded with a shrug and a glance towards where the other attorney had gone. He got the picture, and placed a can of diet coke in front of the webcam to block the remote participant's view. I decided at this point to do nothing to correct the issue, and let them hash it out themselves. Which they did shortly after going back on the record. Moral of the story, sometimes the problem resolves itself. It's always best not to get involved if you can.
  4. David Andre

    Selective HDMI Splitter for jury blackout

    Exactly what I was looking for. For an added bonus, they want to have the witness annotate on a document on the stand, so I'm thinking an iPad using TrialPad as one source, just for that witness, and just switching back to Trial Director after. Have you used other methods for live witness annotation? For reference, this is probably a 2-3 day trial, not a huge budget. Thanks again!
  5. I need the ability to split my Trial Director feed on extended desktop to a multiple monitor setup. The catch is, they want to show exhibits to the Judge, counsel, witness first, then to the Jury after it's been identified and published. While writing this I have realized that I just use and HDMI splitter and run feeds to Judge, Counsel and witness, then run another output to an HDMI switch, THEN to the Jury monitors. Then when I want to black out the jury, I just switch to an empty input. I figure there is probably an HDMI splitter that has buttons that will let me disable certain outputs. That would make this a little easier. Anybody know?