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  1. Avery Russell Gross

    Do you charge for setup time

    Trying to see how people handle setup time.
  2. Trying to see how people handle setup time.
  3. Avery Russell Gross

    How does one learn Trial Director?

    I have to admit I don't regularly think about this site. I'll take a new look today. No jobs on the calendar.
  4. Avery Russell Gross

    Additional Charges

    Appreciate the feedback. Thanks
  5. Avery Russell Gross

    Additional Charges

    I haven't done this but have often thought about it. Deposition locations where there are no handicapped facilities so I can't roll in with my cart full of gear. This is usually the case when law firms are housed in historic or private homes. After being set up on a ground floor, the Attorney requests a second-floor room be used (no elevator present) because they like it better. This has happened to me after I was all set up. Time and mileage wasted because the court reporting firm provided the wrong address on the assignment paperwork. (I'm not likely to charge for this as it would probably be the last time they would use me) Same day turnaround of the completed project. (I try to get it out the same day anyway, but there are times they want it right away) Any thoughts? Avery in Houston.
  6. Avery Russell Gross

    Traveling Light with your trial tools

    I am constantly looking at ways to tweak and become more efficient. As a result, I've removed items. Sometimes with mixed results. For example: I no longer carry sandbags to weight down the backdrop stand. I now use good gaffer's tape and secure the stand to the floor. Why even use a backdrop stand? Instead of just leaning it against the wall, I prefer to hang is horizontally giving me more of a working area before the deponents moves out past the boundaries of the backdrop. I changed out my large uninterruptible power supply for a smaller unit. I use this to power my h.264 recording device and mixer. In the case of a power failure or dip, I don't want to lose recorded testimony. That's all I can think of right now. Regards to all, Avery in Houston.
  7. Avery Russell Gross

    Scheduling Software

    I have implemented a number of CRM (Client Relationship Managers) over my multiple careers. The best one that I have found and use quite nicely is LACRM (Less Annoying) 10.00 per month per user, wonderful integration with Google as well. https://www.lessannoyingcrm.com/ I keep all contact notes and project notes as well. If I ever (and have come close) have to go to small claims court to collect, I have everything there including incoming email messages from the client. He said - she said remarks nicely arranged, Regards to all, Avery in Houston. Let me know if I can be of help to you.
  8. Avery Russell Gross


    I am glad I was able to help. I started shooting video on my Iphone today of my process. More coming soon. As you were able to tell, I talk about the things some don't want to cover. I think it's better to be real. Regards Avery
  9. Avery Russell Gross


    I'd be happy to chat as well. You can cal me at 713-609-9316 as well. Regards, Avery in Houston
  10. Avery Russell Gross

    The Future Of Deposition Video Has Arrived

    I don't think I need to sell my gear and get a new career. I've also had an Attorney show up at a deposition with their own camera that connects to his Iphone. He claims he now shoots his own. I am sure there are many technologies that will continue to appear, but changing business customs isn't so easy. Regards to all, Avery in Houston.
  11. I have a client that would "perhaps" hire me to handle courtroom playback with Trial Director. This is great but I don't own the software and don't want to invest 1K to get it and learn it on a "maybe I'll hire you." Any thoughts? Training facility? Thanks in Advance. Avery Russell Gross Houston, Texas