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  1. Jeremy Martin

    Deposition Video File Size Calculators

    Very cool. Thanks Jason!
  2. Yep, I echo Jason's statement. My comment about the reporter audio linked to the transcript was a reference to their software recording the audio feed with internal timestamping, nothing to do with us or our timecode. Also keep in mind that sound cards come in all different flavors. The levels that work for one reporter won't necessarily work for the next. Sometimes their is also a need to adjust the internal recording settings on the reporters laptop. Depending on their technical ability, that can make them uncomfortable because they likely have their specs set up for the external mic they usually use. If you do assist them in changes, make a note of it so they can return them to previous settings after depo. Some reporters take the feed into their laptop, others take it directly into their writer, I don't really know the specifics why they choose one or the other. Hope this helps.
  3. Hello Tim I do offer this option to reporters. All you need is a long 3.5mm cable with an attenuator on it so the reporter can control the level. I find it's a win-win situation for both the reporter and myself as they get a quality audio recording that is linked to the transcript and I don't get that last minute "I need wav files right now" phone call. Not sure why you're making an audio back-up, maybe I'm mistaken but I'd say that's unusual for a videographer. Reporters like this one because the dial makes it easy to adjust: https://www.amazon.com/Volbox-Adjuster-Stereo-Control-3-5mm/dp/B00XDKKQ9E/ref=pd_sim_23_8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=H7720PCGY8VNE70N8ESN extension (recommend 25') https://www.amazon.com/25ft-3-5MM-Stereo-Audio-Patch/dp/B001UFUKFY/ref=sr_1_12?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506439271&sr=1-12&keywords=25'+3.5
  4. Jeremy Martin

    Stream video over internet

    Hi john, Do you by chance use VMix to capture live at depo's? If you do, you can enable the stream feature as you are capturing. VMix plays very nicely with Zoom. Zoom will recognize the VMix stream as a source. It works like a champ, use it all the time. Hope this helps. Jeremy
  5. Jeremy Martin

    Long term Media/Tape Retention

    Thank you Bruce. I think I'll start at 10 years out and work down to 7 eventually. Anyone have a recommendation on how to physically dispose of tapes?
  6. Jeremy Martin

    Backdrop Bag

    www.lastolitespares.com Is it a 5x6? https://www.lastolitespares.com/it/all-spare-parts/ll-rb5601-bag-for-5-x-6-collapsibles-5
  7. Jeremy Martin

    Long term Media/Tape Retention

    Would like to get everyone's opinion regarding long term Media/Tape archiving. I have old boxes of mini dv tape stretching back 15+ years. How long is everyone retaining footage? Are there any official rules to follow? If you are discarding tapes, how are you disposing of them? Jeremy
  8. Jeremy Martin

    Capturing Deposition Video Using Magewell's HDMI USB 3.0 Dongle

    Hello Robin. I'm still in the trial and error process but will let you know if I see any benefits to using this capture software.
  9. Jeremy Martin

    Capturing Deposition Video Using Magewell's HDMI USB 3.0 Dongle

    Disregard. Through further trial and error I've got it working. If anyone is experiencing difficulty with this I could probably be of assistance.
  10. Jeremy Martin

    Capturing Deposition Video Using Magewell's HDMI USB 3.0 Dongle

    Hello all Has anyone tested the Magewell dongle with the Capture Express software? I'm doing that now but am experiencing audio sync issues.
  11. Jeremy Martin

    Deposition Horror Stories (And How You Saved the Day)

    A few months ago I had a depo with a good client. It was contentious as there were accusations of sexual abuse of the witness as a child by one of the parties. The witness was now in her 40s. Anticipating there would be issues, we conducted the depo in the jury room at the courthouse with the judge available to handle any problems that might arise. There was a restraining order in place with the witness and the defendant (the same individual accused of the previously mentioned abuse), so I actually streamed the video to another room at the courthouse that that individual was in, on the other side of the building. So... We get on the record, I begin my verbal intro, and the witness proceeds to turn her back to the camera! Of course we stop shortly thereafter, involve the judge, who decides she has the right to do that. So we proceed with the depo, all 6 hours of it shooting the back of the witness.
  12. Hello all I've been using several programs over the last couple of days to get this shuttle to work but am coming up short. The software that comes with the shuttle, Media Express, lacks any viable capture parameters IMHO. I tried VMix (Joe thank you for the recommendation) but found the shuttle and the software were unstable when paired together. Also tried Debut from NHM, same issues with shuttle recognition along with other issues. Suggestions? Thanks all Jeremy