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Please adhere to these Community Rules & Best Practices. Violation of these rules and best practices will lead to warnings or a ban from posting.

This is a real names forum, so please make certain that your Display Name matches the actual name on your birth certificate/drivers license, etc.

Community Rules:

  1. Be Respectful of Others
  2. Do Not Spam
  3. Do Not Post Copyright-Infringing Material
  4. Do Not Post Offensive Material

Best Practices:

  1. Search First
  2. Post in the Relevant Forum
  3. Use Descriptive Topic Titles
    1. BAD: HELP! Bad Audio!!!
    2. GOOD: My audio sounds distorted on my computer, but fine in my camera.
  4. Type Like You Would Speak.
    1. Don't SHOUT
    2. Don't Overuse Emoticons
    3. Don't Overuse Punctuation
  5. Use Private Messaging Sparingly